October 2, 2015

The car battery is the main source of power for the car. Cars die when the car batteries die, as these large boxes are the main source of electricity for windows, steering, lights and other smaller accessories. In order to maintain the battery life, it is important to understand how these things work.

Car batteries come in different types and basically are categorised by size, brand, age, capacity and amps. Different car brands use different types of batteries. However, most of them fall under these two categories:

  • Normal car battery: A normal car battery is designed in such a way that it produces a huge amount of current but for a short period. The current helps the engine start and carry out other smaller functions, such as turning the lights on and working the power windows.
  • Deep cycle battery: This type of battery is commonly used in boats and even in golf carts. It provides a steady amount of power for a long time. Basically the functionality is the same as a regular car battery. However, it is put through tougher use by the car and it tends to wear out quickly.

While choosing car batteries always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and use the one that is recommended by them. Some brands of cars recommend only a particular battery make and there is a reason for it. Never choose something that is lower in power than recommended by the car manufacturer. If the brand of battery is not available then it is best to go with a higher power one as a general rule of the thumb but ask the team at Fitzgerald Motors for specific advice.