October 2, 2015

The WOF or the Warrant of Fitness is an inspection and a document that states your vehicle is roadworthy and complies with the laws and regulations. If you want to be able to drive, your vehicle needs the sticker that comes after it passes the WOF inspection.

Need for WOF (Warrant of Fitness)
You will need a WOF which is current for every 12 months if your vehicle was after 1st January 2000.

You will need a WOF which is current for every 6 months if your vehicle was registered before 1st January 2000.

Difference between WOF and Pre-purchase

A Warrant of Fitness is not the same as a pre – purchase inspection. A pre-purchase is a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle that the prospective vehicle buyer conducts before finalising the purchase of the vehicle. This inspection is done by a qualified mechanic, who checks the engine, tyres, interiors, chassis and the exterior of the vehicle. If the mechanic is satisfied with the vehicle and its performance, he informs the prospective buyer of the same and issues a pre-purchase certificate. This document also highlights the problems, if any, in the vehicle. A pre-purchase inspection is not a legal requirement like the WOF.

The Warrant of Fitness can be completed in authorised automotive workshops and once the fitness test is conducted, the workshop issues the certificate and also pastes a sticker on your windscreen. This fitness test is required by law and you can be penalised if you are stopped and found that your vehicle does not have a WOF.

What does WOF Certify?
The Warrant of Fitness checks certain specifications of your vehicle. Some of them are:

  • The condition of the tyres
  • The condition of brakes
  • Condition of the body of the car
  • Functionality of headlights and rear lights
  • Windscreens and rear screen, including side mirrors
  • Quality of doors
  • Harnesses like seat belts
  • Functionality of air bags
  • Speedometer readings
  • Exhaust pipes of the car
  • The fuel efficiency and pollution control

Expiration of WOF
Always keep a note of the date of expiration of your car’s Warrant of Fitness. Even before it is about to expire get a renewal done. Your vehicle can be seized if you do not have a document that is current and you also will be liable to pay a fine.

Fitzgerald Motors can complete both pre-purchase and Warrant of Fitness inspections. Call us today to make an appointment time.