January 29, 2018

Oil change Christchurch – Your car’s engine oil plays a crucial part in your car’s functionality. Without oil, the engine wouldn’t be able to function properly. Engine oil is used to lubricate the different parts of an engine and in addition, is also used to manage the heat of the engine (thus, preventing it from overheating).

Over time your engine oil will begin to deteriorate and as a result, you must change your oil. If you choose not to check your car’s oil regularly and you don’t change it when needed, some serious (and expensive) damage may result. Below is one of common signs which indicate that you should change your engine’s oil.


My exhaust is smoking

This is without a doubt one of the most concerning and worrying things which a driver may have to deal with. A smoking exhaust can indicate a lot of different things with your car but if you check what colour the smoke is (being careful not to inhale any exhaust fumes) and understand what the colour of your exhaust smoke means, you might find that it’s nothing more than an oil change being needed.


It’s all in the colour

  • If the exhaust smoke is white, then this is usually nothing to worry about and can be caused by condensation in your exhaust.
  • If the exhaust smoke is black, this may be due to the engine burning an increasing amount of fuel. One of the best ways to fix this is to check the quality of the air filter. Be mindful of the different fuel types (petrol vs diesel).  Eg. diesel vehicles will often blow black exhaust smoke (soot) due to the incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel.  With petrol engine it’s a sign of it running rich (too much fuel, not enough air).
  • If the exhaust smoke is either grey or blue, it can be a bit harder to diagnose the problem. Typically, this is in association to excess oil being burned by your engine. Grey smoke is usually the result of excess oil being burned. Blue smoke is usually the result of oil and fuel being mixed together in the combustion chamber.


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