October 2, 2015

Even if you give your car the best care and maintenance, it will still require a repair every now and then. Car repairs are always required as wear and tear of parts and components occurs. Many car owners try to save money by taking their vehicles to lesser-known shops but, it is wise to remember that you cannot compromise on quality when it comes to your car’s repair and maintenance so professional and experienced mechanics like those at Fitzgerald Motors are required.

How Quotes are Created by Workshops

As you know, professional workshops will always give you an estimate for the cost that will to be incurred for car repairs before the work is actually done. A few factors will be used as guides to create a quote for the repairs required by your vehicle. They are as follows:

1. Documentation of symptoms: Your vehicle will be checked thoroughly to see what exactly is wrong. The mechanics will make a list of things that do not sound or feel normal. They will also make a note of the make and model and of course the year, of your car.

2. Check parts that require replacement: Another important factor while creating a quote is checking whether there are parts in your vehicle that cannot be repaired due to severe damage. If this is the case, the cost of replacing the part will be added to the quote.

Always remember that Fitzgerald Motors will always provide experienced and well-trained mechanics for your car repairs. They will also use the latest techniques and tools and provide you with genuine parts for any replacement that is required.