October 2, 2015

Assume this hypothetical situation: Mr. X was in a car accident. He escaped without injuries, but his car was another story. It needed extensive car repair work for which he had no funds. What would, and should, Mr. X do to get the best possible car repair services for his vehicle? Here’s a very non-hypothetical answer to this query.

o How will I pay: Once it is established that the accident was entirely the other person’s fault, here’s how the mechanical damage to your vehicle will be recovered:

  • Defendant’s insurance: Once the other person’s insurance company accepts that the accident was his/her fault, they are liable to pay a fixed amount for car repair services.
  • Own insurance: Your own insurance company pays a certain amount for car repair services regardless of who caused the accident. If the defendant is uninsured, you are still covered by your insurance company.

o What happens to my car:

  • If the car is drivable: After being inspected by the defendant’s insurance company, you are free to drive your car to any car repair expert for review and repairs.
  • If the car is not drivable: After getting an estimate from the defendant’s insurance provider, your car will be towed to a workshop for car repair. However, you may choose to have it towed to your preferred workshop instead.
  • If the car is declared a ‘total loss’: You now either accept total loss value minus salvage value and take the car back OR you accept the salvage value and sign over the car to the insurance company.

The actual car repair mechanical work begins only after these decisions are made. If you are still unsure at who will foot the bill for any accident related car repairs, the team at Fitzgerald Motors would be happy to help answer your questions.